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Do you analyze your life at the end of the year?  Do you create a list of New Year’s Resolutions?  At the end of a year, I always consider how life was and how I would like it to be different.  Though, I may not always write a list, there is certainly a place in my life for resolutions.

Homeschool Year

As a homeschool mom, the end of a calendar year is also the end of a semester of learning.  I was very conscious of this and always wanted to improve.  When we’re in the midst of teaching, we don’t always have enough time to think through how far we’ve come.  At the end of the year, I like to revisit the semester to see what worked and what didn’t.

Make Any Necessary Changes

Many years, the new year brought about a change of curriculum.  That doesn’t mean I changed everything, but usually just one subject.  But, there’s nothing wrong with making a drastic change if it’s needed.  If your child can’t learn a certain way, it’s the teacher’s job to find a way that they can learn.

Marriage Comes First

Although I’m a homeschool mom/teacher, I’m first a wife.  There are always things I need to do to improve in this area.  It’s good to resolve to make the changes needed to have the best marriage possible.  Homeschool never will work well, if my marriage is struggling.

Create a Special Beginning

After a Christmas break, it always seemed like a resolution to buckle down was helpful.  The children can have a hard time getting back on a full school schedule after time off.  At our house, we would discuss how we felt, and then have a special celebration to kick off the new year in school.  It would be fun to plan a fun field trip to go along with the first week back of learning.


What are your New Year’s Homeschool Resolutions?  Do you start the year in a unique way?  Whatever works in your home, don’t feel like you have to be like anyone else.  Comparing your homeschool with someone else’s won’t be the right answer.  Enjoy your family and your New Year!

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