How To Create A New Schedule

After my husband retired, our routine was gone and replaced with nothing.  We started staying up much later and sleeping in.  He quickly got caught up with his sleep and was appearing more rested.  But, after some time, he began to realize that nothing was getting accomplished in his life.

His goal of writing was getting no where, because he had no schedule to keep him on task.  His lack of schedule was also making me use that as an excuse to be less organized with my time.  We both decided we would like to be more disciplined with our time and be more productive.

I read online to see what other people were doing to create schedules in retirement.  There are many different ways to set up schedules.  We decided to just follow an easy approach.  

1. We wrote down all the things we wanted to accomplish each week and month.

2. We took a blank computer calendar and decided how to spread these goals into practical, doable actions.  We placed the actions onto the calendar in their amount of importance.  

(Ex.  Writing time- he decided how many hours a day he needed to write and added those on the calendar.)  

3. We went over the calendars together to create time to do things together and to make sure we didn’t overwork or over commit ourselves.  We wanted to make sure that there was “margin” included in our lives.  Margin is important for rest, reflection and sanity.

Using a digital calendar is helpful, because the schedule may/probably will need tweaking along the way. Schedules aren’t created to rule our lives, but to guide us into productivity and protect us from chaos.  

Android Apps offer many digital ways to keep your schedule with you at all times.  Here are a few to check out:

TimeTune is free 

Planner Pro-Personal Organizer

Planner Pro- Daily Calendar & Personal Organizer 

also has this app for iPhone

Because my laptop is Mac and my phone is Android, I prefer to use my Google Calendar which is also on my phone.  That way it syncs perfectly!  

What are your favorite ways to stay organized?  Do you keep a schedule?

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