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There has never been a greater need for tutoring than there is now. With most children now learning at home, high school and college students need help with their classwork and homework. A professional tutor is the perfect answer. has the right tutors to help your student succeed in their difficult classes. has live teaching 7 days a week, so that students can get help whenever they need it. They also allow you to schedule 1-on-1 tutoring and are giving away 100,000 hours for free!

When I homeschooled my children, the high school years were a challenge. Because I wasn’t able to handle high school science and math classes, I hired tutors. We often went to the tutor’s house or they came to our house. But having online streaming is so much more convenient! has the most convenient and safe way to get great teaching and tutoring.

Students can not only take classes in Chemistry or Algebra, but there are streaming classes for SAT. Everything that is needed to succeed in a class is available on their website.

Students can actually get paid to take notes and post them on the site. Taking notes and posting homework help could be a great paycheck for college students, while helping their peers.

Under the Resources Tab, you’ll find printable Classroom notes, study guides, textbook notes, test prep, and solutions. Wow. All the student has to do is join the class, study, and succeed!


You can find 100’s of thousands of solutions in the Homework Help area of the website. The Homework Help has two different subscription packages. To join there are three different sign up packages, billed monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

The subjects that are available are: Math, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Accounting, Electrical Engineering, Biology, Statistics, Mechanical Engineering. Students can access notes for over 1 million courses!

Online learning, whether planned or because of Covid-19, can put fear in the student’s heart. Parents are also worried about their child missing out on a proper education. But, there is help available. If your high school or college student is ready to boost their academic success, I encourage you to check out to see how they can help.

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  1. So many parents are using these online tutoring sites now, I bet they’ll feel it is something they want to keep utilizing after their kids go back to school. I suspect many kids will learn better using them.

  2. This is super affordable. What a great resource. I have one that seems to be doing fine so far and one that is falling a little behind. Thank you for this tip!

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