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Planning Your Christmas Memories

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Planning Your Christmas Memories

It’s only 9 days until Thanksgiving and 36 days until Christmas! If you’re like me, the years seem to fly by faster each year. It seems like we just finished packing up the tree decorations last week. Although time moves on too fast for us, the joy of the holidays is once again in sight. If you want to be ready, you’ll need to be successful at planning your Christmas memories.

We all have a picture in our minds of what we remember the holidays to be from our past. This can put pressure and stress on us that we don’t deserve or need. Picture-perfect Christmas memories aren’t exactly real, but the warmth and feelings of those times can be real today. We can take enjoyment in creating experiences for our families and friends that are warm and joyful.

With the ever-present commercialization of Christmas, we can be made to feel guilty if we don’t buy all the bling. It may take a conscious effort, but it’s worth it to say no to that guilt. The thing I remind myself to focus on is that Christmas is the birthday celebration of Jesus Christ.


After getting my priorities straight in my head, I like to also write them down. Just as we take the time to write down our goals and plans, we should do the same during the holiday season. If we don’t, there will be something that is important that gets left out of our schedule.

My Christmas Shopping Planner is a set of organizational sheets that can help you get organized for the season. You can print out shopping pages, but there are also calendars, card lists, and to-do lists. I hope you can find these pages helpful in your quest to plan the holidays and enjoy them.

When you plan the important events on your calendar make sure to leave times of Margin If you’re worn down, stressed, and miserable there will be no way that you can focus on your family and the birthday celebration. You don’t have to do everything during the holidays. Get help from others and just say no.

Pick out the holiday events that are your top-priority and do them. And, really enjoy them. Eat the special foods, decorate the tree, and hug your loved ones. Plan to make those blessed memories.

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