Scrape-A-Round Clears The Snow

Disclosure: Product was supplied for review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Snow is falling now and I finally have the chance to review my Scrape-A-Round! I was given a 3 pack of Scrape-A-Round snow and ice scrapers to review. I let Hubby use one this morning to easily get the snow off of the car windows and windshield.

Using the Scrape-A-Round was simple and when he scraped the snow, it left a clean window. There were no streaks. He didn’t have to go over it and over it. In the past it took a lot more work to get the snow off. We’re very pleased with the Scrape-A-Round.

Just like you’ve seen before, you can also enjoy cleaning your windshield the easy way. I like the large coverage (18 inches) of the scraper and the circle shape makes it fast to move over the window surface. The shape curves over the window, too.

Scrape-A-Round features

I have arthritis, and have found that the round shape makes it less painful, because you don’t have to bend and press hard with the wrist motion. This could also help you if you suffer with carpel tunnel.

The Scrape-A-Round will get your car windshield and windows cleaner so that your driving in severe weather will be safer. These will make great stocking stuffers for my adult kids and your’s, too!

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