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Sons of Thunder Redemption

Pure Flix has so many great Christian shows and family choices. One show that I have not watched is Sons of Thunder. The storyline about a former bike gang member who finds salvation is very interesting. This show follows him as he finds a Bible, reads it, and becomes a Christian. He must get away from the gang, who is not interested in letting him go.

He goes out on his bike and when he needs money to travel farther, he gets work on ranches and other places in Texas. The first episode was about him landing work with a border rancher and there is a lot of danger. The border crisis theme isn’t political, but relational so I thought it was handled well. Simon is a genuine character and truly trying to find out how to live the Christian life. He prays for God to direct him in his everyday life.

Pure Flix comes out with a spin-off of Sons of Thunder tomorrow on the 13th. I hope that you’ll check it out. It’s called Sons of Thunder: Redemption.

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